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September 2015 Archives

The dangers of drowsy driving: Who is most at risk?

If you’ve had a few cocktails, you will probably think twice before getting behind the wheel. But what if you’ve only gotten four hours of sleep the night before? Or you’ve worked 65 hours in one week? Or you just started taking a new medication with drowsiness as a side effect?

Drugged driving problem not just about marijuana

We all know that driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous. Similarly, most people understand that you should not get behind the wheel if you are under the influence of marijuana. A growing, but likely less understood problem, in California is the threat of drugged drivers who are under the influence of other substances, including prescription medications.

Protecting man’s best friend when riding in a car

We all take precautions when we’re driving. You never know when a negligent motorist is going to crash into your vehicle, so we make sure we’re safe. We buckle our seatbelt. We make sure our kids are properly secured in a car seat or booster seat. We avoid dangerous distractions while behind the wheel, like cellphones.

New study says more bicyclists suffering injuries in US

Riding a bicycle has become an increasingly popular way to get around town in San Diego. While on a bike, you can enjoy the weather, work on a tan and travel to your destination. Despite these positive benefits, a recent study revealed that bicyclists need to make sure they are staying safe when on the road.

Doctor working to diagnose TBIs through a blood test

As we discussed in our last post, some brain injuries can be difficult to detect, and therefore difficult to diagnose. When someone suffers a mild traumatic brain injury, the damage done to the brain may not be noticeable on commonly used brain imaging tests, such as CT scans.

Mild traumatic brain injuries can have severe symptoms

In recent years, awareness about the devastating effects of traumatic brain injuries has increased. With the upcoming Will Smith movie, “Concussion,” the conversation is likely to ramp up again. Smith plays a doctor from California who found former NFL players were suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or disease of the brain.

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