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Part II: Back to school safety tips for parents and other drivers

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As we discussed in our last post, it is a wise idea for parents to talk to their children about road safety before they head back to school for the year. Children are not the only ones who can benefit from some safety tips, however. Before getting behind the wheel during this back to school season, you may want to refresh your memory about driving safety in and around school zones.

For instance, when children are present in a school zone, you may not drive faster than 25 mph, under California law. Particularly during the busy drop off and pick up times, you should be cautious when driving near a school. 

School zones are not the only areas in which you need to be especially careful, however. When school buses are picking up and dropping off children, you must follow the school bus’ signals. For example, when the school bus has a stop sign extended or the red lights are flashing, you must stop. You may not pass the school bus under such circumstances, as children may be crossing the street to get home.

In addition, some of the same safety rules you should follow every day could prove invaluable when driving around children. You will want to avoid dangerous distractions — such as using your cellphone or putting on makeup — when behind the wheel. Even a momentary glance down at a text message could result in a serious collision. Make sure your seat belt is buckled whenever you are on the road, and, if you are transporting young children as well, double check that the car seat or booster seat is installed properly.

Following these simple tips can ensure you have a safe school year when on the road. 



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