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New QC app sheds light on safety records of interstate trucking and bus companies

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

San Diego drivers who have encountered the driver of a large commercial truck or charter bus that was driving erratically are likely to have safety concerns about not only the individual driver, but also his or her employer. In some cases, when it comes to safety and following federal transportation laws, interstate trucking and bus companies take shortcuts.

In an effort to aid law enforcement officials and members of the general public with identifying those truck carriers and bus companies that may be in violation of important safety regulations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently developed a new Smartphone app.

With the new FMCSA app called Query Central or just QC, users can quickly and easily obtain performance and safety information for interstate commercial trucking and bus companies. When discussing the new app, U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx remarked that QC helps provide “greater transparency while making our roadways safer for everyone.”

Every year the FMCSA fines and shuts down interstate trucking and bus companies for safety violations. From hours-of-service violations to failures to maintain, inspect and repair vehicles; trucking and bus companies that fail to follow federal laws and ensure that both the vehicles and drivers in their fleets are safe and in compliance with regulations pose a major threat to public safety.

While prior to the QC app law enforcement officials and vehicle inspections were able to access safety and inspection information, the new app makes the information easier to access and readily available to anyone. This includes individuals who are involved and injured in motor vehicle accidents involving a commercial truck or bus and may wish to take legal action.



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