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Helping workers who suffer hand injuries on the job

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2015 | Workplace Injuries |

For many workers here in California, quite a few of the work tasks they perform involve use of their hands. Thus, in many cases in which a workplace accident occurs, a worker’s hands are right on the front lines. It is not surprising then that some workplace accidents result in workers suffering hand injuries.

There are many different ways a worker’s hand could get injured in an accident at work. Bones in the hand could be broken or crushed by machinery, a piece of equipment or a falling object. A fire or a hot surface could cause burns to a hand. A sharp object could cause one of a worker’s fingers to get severed. A mishap could cause nerves related to hand function to suffer damage. 

Hand injuries suffered at work could cause a worker to temporarily or permanently lose hand function. Given the major role hand use plays in many people’s job, such function loss can be a very scary thing for a worker. They may worry that their ability to provide for themselves and their family has been compromised. In such a worrisome and confusing situation, knowing what one’s rights and options are can be very important for a worker.

Our firm can provide guidance to California workers who have suffered hand injuries in a work accident. We strive to help our workplace injury clients identify how extensive their injuries are, get a strong idea of what workers’ comp rights they have in their particular situation and navigate the process of making workers’ compensation claims here in California.



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