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April 2015 Archives

Is your job literally making you sick?

From conflicts with managers or co-workers to a heavy workload and stringent deadlines, anyone who has ever had a job outside the home has likely experienced his or her fair share of job-related stress. In previous decades, workers were often forced to fall in line and grin and bear it or risk losing their jobs. Today, however, there is more awareness and focus about occupational stress and the related high costs for both employees and employers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: progressive, painful and debilitating

Millions of workers in and around the San Diego area work on assembly lines, at computers or engage in other repetitive hand and arm movements day in and out. Some of these workers will be stricken with a painful and disruptive condition known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Health service workers often targets of occupational violence

The men and women, who work in the fields of both healthcare and social services, dedicate their lives to helping others. On a daily basis, healthcare and social services workers encounter men, women and children who are in great pain and desperate need of both physical and mental healing. Unfortunately, for workers the costs associated with helping these individuals can come at a very high and personal expense.

High commercial truck speeds linked to dangerous tire blow outs

Imagine you and your family are driving down Interstate 5 when you notice that the tire of a large truck in an adjacent lane blows out. The blow out causes the truck driver to lose control of the hulking motor vehicle which proceeds to swerve into your lane. Before you can react and change lanes, traveling at 75 MPH, your car crashes into the back of the truck.

Lump Sum Payments for Permanent Disability

California workers who suffer a disability caused by a workplace accident or work-related job tasks are typically entitled to file for workers' compensation through their employer's insurance. In many cases, the injured worker begins receiving medical treatment and weekly wage benefits as soon as his claim is approved. However, over the course of medical treatment, the doctor may determine that there is a permanent partial or total disability. At that point, the injured worker may negotiate a lump sum payment for future wage loss and cost of future medical treatment.

Wrongful death after the loss of a child: What you should know

The death of a child is a scenario that many parents in California cannot bear to even imagine. For those who are forced to go through it because of someone else's negligence, it can be devastating. Simply knowing that a child's death could have been prevented is enough for some parents to consider taking legal action against those responsible.

Why California needs to do away with independent medical reviewers

In 2012, citing a system overwrought by unnecessary medical procedures and spending, the workers' compensation program in California underwent a major overhaul. As part of the 2012 initiative, many of the rights previously provided to injured workers to appeal denied claims was taken away and given to so-called independent medical reviewers. Consequently, today the lives of many injured workers in the state have been turned upside-down as they seek to obtain the workers' compensation benefits to which they are entitled.

The importance of swift legal action after a pedestrian accident

Every few weeks a story hits the news about a pedestrian struck by a car. Take this story, for example: A woman suffered life-threatening injuries after getting hit by a vehicle while walking her dog in Del Mar. Although she survived, many are not so lucky.

Understanding duty of care in pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents are not uncommon in California. In fact, more pedestrian accidents happen in California than in any other state in the country (see our March 8 post). While we know that pedestrians are likely to suffer serious injuries when involved in accidents with motor vehicles, is that in itself enough for a personal injury claim?

Who is liable for a dog attack at an Airbnb rental?

In previous blog post we have discussed pet owner liability when it comes to dog bites. California's strict liability law states that dog owners are responsible for the actions of their pets unless the bite victim was trespassing on the owner's property or entering the dog owners home unlawfully. What happens, however, if the bite occurs while you are in a home that you have rented through a larger company -- like Airbnb?

Could better bike accident reports lead to safer roads?

The number of people across the country who commute via bicycle has grown by more than 60 percent in the last few years. As we discussed in our blog post on Tuesday, San Diego's mayor hopes to increase the number of bike commuters even further by 2020. Although biking has numerous benefits for both individuals and communities, one major drawback is safety.

City’s Climate Action Plan calls for a five percent increase in biking commuters by 2020

While reading the newspaper or listening to the news, San Diego residents are likely to read or see stories about climate change. Signs of climate change are especially apparent in California, where residents are experiencing hotter temperatures and severe draught.

Back injuries common among healthcare and construction workers

Individuals who work in professions like nursing and construction must often perform a variety of work-related duties that require lifting, carrying and twisting. Given the fact that all of these physical movements and tasks engage the muscles in one's back, it's no surprise that back injuries are common.

Helping workers who suffer hand injuries on the job

For many workers here in California, quite a few of the work tasks they perform involve use of their hands. Thus, in many cases in which a workplace accident occurs, a worker's hands are right on the front lines. It is not surprising then that some workplace accidents result in workers suffering hand injuries.

New QC app sheds light on safety records of interstate trucking and bus companies

San Diego drivers who have encountered the driver of a large commercial truck or charter bus that was driving erratically are likely to have safety concerns about not only the individual driver, but also his or her employer. In some cases, when it comes to safety and following federal transportation laws, interstate trucking and bus companies take shortcuts.

Employers required to protect workers from suffering heat-related illnesses

Due to its proximity to the ocean and mountains, San Diego has historically enjoyed a stable and moderate climate. However, temperatures of inland communities are often much hotter and, in recent months, the entire San Diego region has reported record-high temperatures. For workers in the construction and agricultural industries, working long hours in the hot sun can pose serious health risks.

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