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Injured San Diego workers deserve a strong legal advocate

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2015 | Workers' Compensation |

Whether an individual works in an office building in downtown San Diego, a warehouse in Chula Vista or on a construction site in Oceanside; every work environment is full of hazards. In cases where an individual suffers an injury or becomes ill due to an occupational hazard, workers’ compensation insurance helps cover costs related to medical expenses, lost wages and disability.

Many injured workers struggle to understand the workers’ compensation process and often grow frustrated when dealing with an employer’s insurance company. It’s often a good idea, therefore, to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney who handles workers’ compensation matters.

The attorneys at Bender & Gritz know all-to-well the devastating and long-term physical and financial repercussions that may result from a work-related injury. Our attorneys have helped many workers in the San Diego area successfully navigate the workers’ compensation process and obtain the maximum amount of benefits to which they are entitled.

For workers who suffer injuries to the back, neck, head, shoulder or knee; not only are these types of injuries extremely painful, but they are also often debilitating in nature. The attorneys at Bender & Gritz can assist in cases where a claim is denied, the benefit amount awarded isn’t sufficient or benefits run out before an individual is able to return to work.

Additionally, in cases where a third-party’s actions may have contributed to a worker’s injuries, the attorneys at Bender & Gritz will fight to bring negligent parties to justice and to recover additional compensation.



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