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February 2015 Archives

In the wake of four pedestrian deaths, area non-profit takes action

Cities across the country and throughout California are taking action to explore and invest in alternative modes of transportation. Taking steps to ensure that city residents aren’t 100 percent reliant on motor vehicles for transportation is not only important from an economic standpoint, but also helps reduce pollution and makes for more livable communities.

Safety groups call for mandated implementation of crash avoidance systems in commercial trucks

San Diego area drivers who travel along Interstates 5 or 805 are all too familiar with congestion and dangerous driving conditions. Frequently, drivers travel at speeds in excess of posted limits and may have difficulty slowing down or stopping to account for accidents or heavy traffic.

Employers must take steps to protect workers from asbestos exposure

Most San Diego residents have likely heard about the dangers associated with exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is a natural material that is known for its durability and "resistance to heat and corrosion." Today the use of asbestos materials is highly regulated and has been banned in many products, however, in past decades asbestos was commonly used in numerous types of building and construction materials and insulation.

Does your employer have an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program?

While in many respects, today's workplaces are safer than ever, every year thousands of California workers are injured or killed. In many cases, workplace injuries result when employers fail to take measures to adequately address safety. The vast majority of workplace injuries are preventable and in California, employers must take steps to establish an Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

The importance of protecting workers from suffering hand injuries

While the specific work duties of individuals who are employed in the manufacturing, healthcare and construction industries may vary greatly; all rely heavily upon their hands to complete assigned work. It's important, therefore, that employers take steps to protect workers' from suffering hand injuries.

More needs to be done to protect food and product manufacturing workers

When eating a strawberry-flavored cereal bar or enjoying a bag of microwave popcorn, few San Diego residents likely think about how such products are made. When something says it's strawberry flavored or smells like fresh flowers, American consumers fully expect a product’s manufacturer to deliver. As a result, during 2013 alone, the flavorings and fragrances industry reported profits of roughly $24 billion.

Are you entitled to worker's compensation?

A physical injury may not only be painful, but also inhibit one's ability to participate in certain activities and even work. In cases where an injury occurs at work or while performing work-related duties, an individual may be able to receive compensation under worker's compensation law.

Innocent beginning, tragic ending on San Diego area highway

Tow truck drivers do a job many of us take for granted. Our car's battery dies or our vehicle stalls or some other mechanical mishap forces us to the side of the road, and we respond by calling for a tow. We hope the driver can fix what ails our vehicle, and if not, the driver will tow the car to a garage.

Injured construction workers may be able to take legal action

While a work injury can happen to anyone, some work environments and job duties are especially hazardous. The men and women who work within the construction industry are especially prone to suffering work-related injuries and the types of injuries they suffer tend to be serious and debilitating in nature.

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