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January 2015 Archives

Tips to avoid becoming a truck accident statistic

Many San Diego drivers would likely admit to feeling somewhat nervous while navigating near or around large commercial trucks. The sheer size and weight of these vehicles is imposing and drivers of smaller cars and other personal vehicles may unknowingly make driving errors that put them and their passengers at an increased risk of being involved in a truck accident and suffering serious or even fatal injuries.

Are San Diego's bike lanes putting cyclists in danger?

The mild temperatures and scenic beauty of the San Diego area is envied by residents of other U.S. cities. Enjoying and exploring the great outdoors is a big part of life here and a growing number of area residents are choosing to do so by bicycle. Like much of the country, biking is growing in popularly throughout the region as more people choose to commute via bicycle and take to biking trails for recreation and exercise.

Employee rights under OSHA

Since 1971, the Office of Safety and Health Administration has been establishing and enforcing safety standards and regulations for U.S. industries and workplaces. By law, employers are required to comply with OSHA rules which relate to health and safety matters in the workplace. Officials at the federal agency are also responsible for inspecting workplaces to ensure employers are compliant with established regulations.

Leading causes of workplace injuries all relate to construction industry

We've discussed in previous blogs the many hazards faced by individuals who work within the U.S. construction industry. It's not surprising that construction is readily included among the Occupational Health and Safety Administration's list of most dangerous industries. During 2013 alone, OSHA reported that a total of 796 construction workers were fatally wounded on the job.

If I suffer a dog bite, can I sue the dog's owner?

While known as man's best friend, every dog has the capacity to bite. A dog bite injury can leave an individual with painful wounds that require immediate medical attention as well follow-up medical procedures like plastic surgery. In addition to the physical scars, the mental scars associated with a dog bite injury may leave an individual traumatized every time one encounters a dog.

Workers in certain industries at higher risk of asbestos exposure

Suffering a workplace injury or illness can be, at the very least, inconvenient and painful. Workers may have to seek medical care and have to miss several days of work as a result. But in some cases, the result of a health problem suffered at work is that a person's life is in danger.

Young workers especially vulnerable to suffering work injuries

Many San Diego area residents likely recall the wonder, confusion and general excitement they likely felt upon first entering the work world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during 2013 more than 18 million teens and young adults under the age of 24 were members of the U.S. workforce.

Trucking industry to take steps to respond to truck driver shortage in 2015

Nearly everything that San Diego area residents purchase was transported via commercial truck. From the groceries we buy at the store to the gas we use to fuel our vehicles, the vast majority of U.S. goods are transported throughout the country aboard commercial trucks, the number of which the Transportation Security Administration estimates to be around nine million.

The personal and financial costs of a brain injury difficult to quantify

More than any other human organ, the brain is the most complex and vital of all. In addition to controlling every bodily process, different regions of the brain are also responsible for storing information and memories, controlling emotions and impulses and enabling an individual to think and speak. Given the numerous and important roles the organ fulfills, it's not surprising that an injury to the brain can have devastating and life-changing consequences.

Workers' compensation basics

The job duties and work environments of U.S. workers are as unique and varied as the personal attributes of workers themselves. While certain industries such as construction and manufacturing are notoriously physical and potentially hazardous, even individuals who spend the majority their work days behind a desk may be exposed to numerous workplace health and safety hazards. 

For U.S. women, workplaces can be hazardous to physical and mental health

Prior to the 1960s and the women's liberation movement, the majority of U.S. women did not work outside the home. In fact, information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that during the 1950s, only roughly 34 percent of U.S. women held a job outside the home. Today, the CDC estimates that number is around 60 percent as more women choose to pursue higher degrees and delay marriage and starting a family. For some working women, the financial gains associated with working outside the home may come at a cost to their personal health and safety.

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