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Worker who survived 11-story fall has reason to be thankful

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2014 | Workplace Injuries |

There are so many jobs that most of us give little thought to. It’s not that we don’t acknowledge their value. It’s more that the work falls so far outside the scope of what someone might consider to be a typical job that we forget it is handled by human beings.

Window washing high-rise buildings might fall into this category. There are probably few people who can claim to work in the trade or know someone else who does. But the reality is that these jobs exist and the people who fill them face risks of suffering serious workplace injuries or death.

It also must be pointed out that these individuals often have families who depend on them. When they get hurt on the job, the injuries they suffer aren’t paper cuts or strained muscles. And the effects of the trauma don’t just affect the victims. They ripple throughout the whole family unit.

The question then becomes whether workers’ compensation insurance is going to be there in this time of greatest need. Too often, it is not. And it requires the intercession of an experienced attorney to make sure that the full measure of compensation is delivered.

This may be something that a family of a Northern California window washer is thinking about right now. Readers may be aware of the story. The 58-year-old man is said to be fighting for his life after having fallen 11 stories from a San Francisco building late last month.

Under normal circumstances, that kind of plunge would be deadly. But in this case, the man happened to land on the roof of a moving car. He also happened to hit it in just such a way that he missed the car roof’s support structures so the roof collapsed and absorbed some of the impact.

The man, a husband and father of three daughters, miraculously survived and is now said to be recovering in the hospital. He’s has undergone several surgeries and is said to be doing better than anyone expected.

What is not known is how extensive the man’s injuries are and just what his prognosis may be. And while the family has good reason to be thankful, they have to wonder what the future holds.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, “San Francisco window washer fights for life after 11-story fall,” Kristin J. Bender, Associated Press, Nov. 26, 2014



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