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A physical injury is not only painful, but can also negatively affect one’s financial standing, personal relationships and ability to be independent. An accident can occur while an individual is at work, while crossing the street or petting a friend’s dog. San Diego residents who have been injured in a workplace or pedestrian accident or who have been the victim of a dog bite or attack may suffer painful and debilitating injuries that require both immediate and ongoing medical care.

Individuals who find themselves in this type of situation are likely to have many questions and concerns about how to pay for mounting medical bills. At the law firm of Bender & Gritz, our attorneys are here to help individuals who have been injured in workplace accidents and numerous other types of personal injury matters recover just compensation.

Our attorneys are uniquely positioned to cover workers’ compensation, personal injury matters and third-party workplace liability cases. We understand the numerous personal and professional implications that result from painful physical injuries. From a construction worker who was not provided adequate training and subsequently suffers injuries while operating a forklift to a child who is struck by a car while crossing the street at a crosswalk, our attorneys fight to help injured individuals regain control over their lives.

In addition to our strong personal injury practice, our attorneys also specialize in the area of workers’ compensation and third-party claims. In many cases, one or more subcontractors are responsible for overseeing certain aspects of a contraction project and for ensuring safety equipment works. In cases where a construction worker suffers a fall injury due to faulty fall protection equipment, he or she may choose to pursue legal action against the subcontractor.

At Bender & Gritz, our main goal is to help individuals who have suffered injuries due to the negligent acts of others. Our team of attorneys is uniquely positioned to help residents in the San Diego area recover compensation so they can move on with their lives.



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