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Regardless of industry, age, title or pay scale; every worker in the U.S. is afforded protections under U.S. labor laws. Laws like the Occupational Safety and Health Act help ensure that employers take measures to provide for the health, safety and protection of employees.

When violations of health and safety regulations and laws occur, workers are at risk of suffering workplace accidents and being exposed to potentially harmful and toxic materials. For individuals who have suffered a workplace accident, the resulting injuries can be painful, debilitating and costly.

Workers’ compensation laws help provide for the financial costs associated with a work injury. From an office worker who develops carpal tunnel syndrome to a construction worker who falls from scaffolding and suffers a traumatic brain injury, workers’ compensation can aid in paying medical costs and lost wages.

While, based on the severity of a worker’s injuries, he or she is entitled to the maximum amount allowable, insurance providers often take steps to limit the amount of compensation they pay for claims. This means an injured worker not only has the deal with a painful injury or occupational illness, but also the hassle of dealing with an employer and its insurance company who may refute a claim or fail to pay certain associated costs.

San Diego residents who have been injured in a work accident and are entitled to workers’ compensation would be wise to discuss their case with an attorney at Bender & Girtz. Workers’ compensation laws are notoriously complex and confusing, thereby putting an injured worker who is not familiar with these laws at an immediate disadvantage.

The attorneys at Bender & Girtz are advocates for injured workers and will work tirelessly to ensure an individual receives fair and just compensation to cover costs associated with work-related injuries. In addition to taking on insurance companies, when appropriate, our attorneys also don’t shy away from taking legal action against potentially-liable third-parties.



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