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After pedestrian’s death, bicyclists reminded to follow traffic laws

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2014 | Bicycle Accidents |

On any given day throughout the San Diego area, bicyclists can be seen traveling along the streets, in parks and along trails. While the many health and environmental benefits of biking are widely reported on, bikers in some areas are coming under increased scrutiny for violating traffic laws and putting themselves, pedestrians and even drivers and passengers in danger.

A 58-year-old wife and mother of two recently died as a result of injuries she suffered after being struck by a bicyclist. The woman was visiting New York City and walking across a street in Central Park when a racing bicyclist sped towards a group of pedestrians. While the biker was able to swerve and avoid hitting the large group, he struck the 58-year old whose head violently hit the pavement as she was knocked to the ground.

Four days after the bicycle and pedestrian accident occurred, the woman died as a result of the severe head and brain injuries she suffered. Since the woman was hit, police have ramped up safety enforcement efforts in the park and taken aim at bikers who often travel at high speeds and fail to abide by traffic laws.

San Diego’s mild climate, scenic byways and numerous parks and trails provide bicyclists with many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. When discussing bicycle safety and accidents, the focus is typically on drivers of motor vehicles who fail to see bicyclists or recognize bikers’ rights to share the road. Bicyclists too, however, must ensure they abide by traffic laws and adjust their speed accordingly when traveling through high traffic areas where runners, walkers, strollers and roller bladers are also present.

Source: The New York Times, “Woman Hit by a Bicyclist in Central Park Dies,” Marc Santora, Sep. 22, 2014



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