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| Sep 29, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

Anyone who has suffered a serious injury knows all too well the devastating physical and financial implications that can result. Whether an individual is involved in a serious car or truck accident or suffers an injury while at work, in accidents where negligence may be a factor it’s wise to seek the advice of an attorney who handles personal injury matters.

Thousands of residents in the San Diego area have turned to the law firm of Bender & Gritz to help in the recovery of compensation. Specializing in workers’ compensation and personal injury claims, the attorneys at Bender & Gritz are uniquely positioned to handle claims related to workers’ compensation and third-party workplace accidents.

Regardless of age or profession, any worker can suffer painful and debilitating injuries while performing assigned job duties. From an office worker who develops crippling carpal tunnel syndrome to a construction worker who suffers serious head and back injuries in a fall from scaffolding, the attorneys at Bender & Gritz specialize in helping injured workers recover compensation.

A work-related injury can negatively impact a worker’s life and health in numerous ways. Dealing with painful injuries is physically, mentally and emotionally grueling. Additionally, a serious work injury may result in an individual becoming permanently disabled and therefore impact one’s future earning potential.

When dealing with a work injury factors related to medical costs, lost earnings, disability, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life must all be considered. While an attorney can help ensure an individual reaps the full benefits of workers’ compensation, in some cases, an individual may benefit more from filing a third-party workplace accident claim. Whatever the case may be, the legal professionals at Bender & Gritz take a personalized approach to each case and work to help an individual receive the compensation they deserve.



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