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SoCal roller coaster accident injuries four

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2014 | Brain Injuries |

Going to an amusement park is supposed to lead to thrills, adventure and bonding with family and friends. Unfortunately, for the second time in less then a month, a fun day at the amusement park has led to a trip to the hospital after one ride left patrons injured.

The most recent accident occurred at Six Flags Magic Mountain, located in the Valencia area of Santa Clarita. The park is just north of Los Angeles. The crash injured four riders who were on the Ninja coaster. Passengers on the ride were left stranded after a portion of the coaster hit a tree branch. The coaster operates with cars suspended beneath the track while riders’ legs dangle as their bodies are harnessed in. The Ninja is described as a ride that takes people “slicing through the landscape,” leading some to speculate that the close call with trees and other surroundings is part of the intended thrill.  

Tragedy was averted with the help of a local fire department. Firefighters worked alongside park staff to remove riders one by one as the coaster was stalled on the track. The collision with the tree branch left on car dislodged from the track. It took almost three hours to safely rescue all 22 riders.

At least four riders were injured, one with a head injury, and two were sent to the hospital for treatment. Victims of injuries from similar accidents connected to the reckless or negligent act of another are likely eligible to receive compensation for the costs connected to the injury. Contact a personal injury lawyer to discuss your options. 

Source: Associated Press, “Magic Mountain roller coaster accident slightly injures four people.” July 8, 2014



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