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San Diego named top city for bikers in U.S.

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2014 | Car Accidents |

It’s no surprise that San Diego is known for having great weather. Not only is it sunny and beautiful, but most days’ average in the seventies without too much humidity. This perfect combination was recently recognized in an article in USA Today. The article did more than compliment San Diego on its great weather; it included the city as one of the best in the United States for bikers.

San Diego joins the likes of Austin, Texas, Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Bolder, Colorado. The cities received top honors for various reasons. In addition to year-round mild weather, San Diego was also noted as having a great balance of terrain that is generally “not too hilly or too flat.” The Pacific Coast Highway provides beautiful routes with picturesque views of the coastline. Add in distinctive neighborhoods providing fun destinations like Bird Rock, the Gaslamp district and Coronado and it’s easy to see why this gem of a city topped the list.

Many of these routes put bikers on the same roadways as drivers, potentially leading to accidents. To avoid injury, bikers should be aware of their environment, follow the rules of the road and take steps to increase visibility. This can include wearing brightly colored clothing and making sure the bike has reflectors and lights as needed.

Unfortunately, even when precautions are taken, accidents can happen. If you are injured in a bike accident in California, contact a personal injury lawyer. This legal professional can look over the details of your case and help to better ensure your rights are protected. This could include monetary awards to help cover the cost of medical and rehabilitative care.

Source: USA Today, “10 Best: Bike-friendly cities,” Neal Turnage, July 1, 2014



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