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Man sentenced in dog mauling that killed California toddler

| Jul 17, 2014 | Dog Bites |

A California man was recently sentenced for crimes in connection to a fatal mauling of a toddler involving three pit bulls. The man was caring for the 2 year-old, who was his step grandson, when the incident occurred. A local CBS affiliate, CBS 8, reported that the man had separated his five pit bulls from the area he was using to care for the child, keeping the dogs in the garage. The young child was left unsupervised and wandered to the garage. The boy somehow entered the area where the dogs were kept and was fatally attacked, reportedly by only three of the five dogs. Details from the investigation note the young boy received over 100 dog bites.

The step grandfather and owner of the dogs was charged with various crimes in connection to the incident. He was sentenced to a year of prison time at a local county jail along with an additional three years probation for these crimes.

Dog owners are responsible for their dogs and should be held accountable if proper precautions to ensure the safety of those who may encounter the dogs are not taken. Victims of dog attacks are generally eligible to receive compensation through civil suits. This compensation could help cover the cost of medical and rehabilitative treatment as well as lost wages.

Establishing liability for a dog bite incident can be difficult. As a result, victims are wise to seek the counsel of an experienced dog bite injury attorney. This legal professional will review the details of the incident and help build a case to better ensure a more favorable outcome.

Source: The Associated Press, “Man, 56, sentenced in dog mauling of toddler,” July 8, 2014