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Coast Guard: boating accidents on the rise

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2014 | Boating Accidents |

Two vehicles crashing together is a dangerous event, but the dangers are even greater when these accidents occur on the water. Boating accidents can be tragic since in addition to injuries connected to the crash itself victims could also face the danger of drowning while awaiting assistance. Although a variety of measures are taken to reduce the risk of boating accidents, the United States Coast Guard recently reported that these accidents are on the rise.

There does not appear to be a single cause that is attributed to the rise in the rate of boating accidents. One contributing factor is the use of alcohol by those operating the boat. This can lead to a crash much in the same way driving drunk can lead to car crashes. Other driver attributed causes can include driving too fast and not obeying safety warnings.

Unfortunately, not all safety warnings are properly maintained. A lack of indicators and markers can put boaters in dangerous situations. The article also notes that California in particular has had an increase in boat crashes due to lax regulatory enforcement. This has led some boaters to take advantage of the open waters, boating without following basic “commonsense precautions.”

The increase in accidents was noted not just among the general public, but within the Coast Guard itself. A recent article by Care2 addressed the issue, noting the Coast Guard has had to deal with a range of accidents attributed to everything from inadequate personnel training to faulty equipment. More specifically, the article points out one of the more tragic accidents involving the Coast Guard occurred in San Diego. The boating crash involved a boat carrying a young child. Unfortunately, the collision ultimately killed the eight year-old boy.

Whether injured in a crash involving the USCG or another boater, compensation may be available. Contact a San Diego boating accident lawyer to discuss you legal options.

Source: Care2, “Why are Boating Accidents on the Rise?,” S.E. Smith, July 7, 2014



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