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Brain injuries pose problems for everyone, not just athletes

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2014 | Brain Injuries |

Media attention throughout the country is increasing public awareness of the dangers of traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. However, these reports can be misleading as they tend to focus on football players and other professional athletes. Although professional athletes are at risk for these injuries, the average person can also fall victim to a life changing head trauma.

The issue is so prevalent that medical professionals throughout the country are calling attention to the array of symptoms associated with these injuries. Recently, a Neuropsychologist who teaches at a medical school in New York and heads a rehabilitation hospital treating those who suffer from brain injuries discussed some of the main problems of TBIs.

The discussion was published in Everyday Health and touched on just how common these injuries are. According to the article, 2.5 million TBIs were reported in 2010 alone. The main purpose of the article was to draw attention to the fact that in addition to physical ailments these injuries can also negatively impact an individual’s temperament.

The report notes that 60 percent of individuals who suffer from TBIs also have some form of apathy and depression and 25 percent of patients suffered from a more major form of depression. These symptoms can be treated, but treatment can be costly.

Victims who suffer these injuries from car accidents may be eligible to receive compensation to help cover these costs. If the accident was the result of another individual’s reckless or negligent act, he or she may be liable for these costs. Contact an experienced head trauma attorney to discuss your options.

Source: Everyday Health, “Traumatic Brain Injury: Not Just a Problem for Athletes,” Mark Herceg, Ph.D, May 28, 2014



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