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Avoid bike accidents in San Diego with these tips

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Summer in San Diego often translates into increased time outside. Enjoying the beach and surf is one of the main perks of living in San Diego, but it is important to be aware of the fact that in addition to fellow San Diegans, tourists and visitors are also in town. This translates to increased traffic and a greater risk of people driving the city’s roadways that are unfamiliar with where they are going. As a result, bikers can be at an increased risk for involvement in a pedestrian or bike accident.

Although this issue can be a particular problem in San Diego, it is a national issue as well. As a result, a recent article in The Washington Post addressed the problem, noting cyclists can take some proactive tips to help avoid getting hurt in an accident.

The article went over a variety of safety precautions, including taking extra precautions to follow traffic signals and lane markings, wearing a helmet to reduce the injuries that can result from an accident and staying alert – listen to the traffic around you and make eye contact with drivers before completing a turn.

Unfortunately, even when these precautions are taken accidents can happen. If an accident is the result of another’s reckless or negligent conduct remedies are likely available to help cover the cost of medical and rehabilitative treatment as well as any additional costs that may be associated with the injury. Contact an experienced San Diego pedestrian and bike accident attorney to discuss your options.

Source: The Washington Post, “Ten tips for safe biking,” Mark Jenkins, May 28, 2014



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