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Road rage in San Diego leads to car accident, injuries

On Behalf of | May 24, 2014 | Car Accidents |

Obscene gestures, getting cut off in traffic or having difficulties merging into another lane on the freeway are all instances that can leave a driver frustrated and angry. However, as angry as you may get it is best to avoid engaging in road rage on California roadways. 

A woman out of San Diego is learning this lesson the hard way as she recovers from injuries from a car crash. The other driver involved in the accident is charged with reckless driving and assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly causing the wreck. The crash is allegedly connected to an incident of road rage. A local Fox affiliate reported that one driver may have made an obscene gesture at another. The whole incident is reportedly captured on another vehicle’s dash cam. It appears the other driver became agitated by the obscene gesture and side swiped the first vehicle. Both vehicles crashed into the shoulder of the freeway and the drivers suffered minor injuries. 

If the reports are accurate, the driver who was side swiped may be able to recoup some of the costs associated with her injuries.

Drivers are required to operate their vehicles with care, and a violation of this duty can lead to a legal suit. Establishing these types of cases can be difficult. A variety of evidence can be used to help the case, including traffic citations, police reports and statements from witnesses. Those who are injured in this type of car accident should contact a San Diego car accident attorney. This legal professional can review the evidence and help to better ensure you have a successful case. 

Source: Fox 5 Morning News, “Woman arrested in alleged road rage crash,” May 22, 2014



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