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With criminal action over, focus turns to Stow brain injury suit

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2014 | Brain Injuries |

Bryan Stow and his family have had their day in one court. They have another yet to come, but it won’t be until May. That trial will determine whether and to what extent the Los Angeles Dodgers may be held liable for the permanent brain injury Stow now endures because of a beating he suffered after attending baseball game at Dodger stadium.

We suspect most of our readers are familiar with Stow’s case. The former Santa Cruz paramedic was at the Dodgers’ 2011 season opener with his favorite team, the San Francisco Giants. As he was walking through a stadium parking lot, he was attacked. The beating left him in a coma. When he eventually came out of it, he was brain damaged.

Today, the 45-year-old father of two is disabled. His family says he is unable to care for himself and takes 13 different medications every day to survive.

Two Rialto men charged with what prosecutors say was an unprovoked attack were convicted in the case just within the past two weeks. One of them pleaded guilty to felony mayhem and was sentenced to eight years in prison. Other felony charges against him were dropped in exchange for his plea.

The second man pleaded guilty to felony assault in the case and was sentenced to four years. He has already served two years and is due to be released because of credit for time served.

He might not be free for long, though. Federal authorities say they plan to prosecute the man on a charge of being a felon in possession of firearms.

The Stows’ civil suit seeking just compensation names several Dodgers entities and former owner Frank McCourt. It alleges that they were negligent in providing adequate security and in their hiring of security personnel. The family estimates it has already spent $5 million for Stow’s care and expects it will cost $34 million more to cover his needs for the rest of his life.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Bryan Stow’s family seeks millions over Dodger Stadium beating,” Richard Winton, Feb. 20, 2014



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