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Did El Cajon motorcycle safety crackdown work?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2014 | Motorcycle Accidents |

If you happened to be riding your motorcycle in El Cajon last Friday you might have been taken by surprise by stepped up police scrutiny of your activities. Authorities insist it was all for a good cause — reducing the number of deaths and injuries due to negligence in motorcycle accidents.

Experts know that collisions involving motorcycles and other vehicles are hardly ever minor. Injuries tend to be serious or deadly, and most of the time the victim suffering the worst is the motorcycle rider. Seeking compensation from those most responsible is the right of the victims or their surviving loved ones. Contacting an attorney is always advised.

As far as the Friday crackdown in El Cajon goes, details on specifics are a little sketchy.

Authorities do say that extra officers were on duty and particular focus was put on areas of the town where motorcyclists are known to congregate or where cycle accidents are most common.

Stopping speeding motorcyclists was said to be one of the main objectives of officers that day. But officials say they also intended to pay extra attention to the behavior of other motorists — watching for unsafe turns, turning in front of oncoming motorcycles and possible violations of rights of way.

What effect this one day of stepped up police attention might have on overall safety may never be fully appreciated. There’s no word on how many citations were issued, or who received them. The intent was laudable, though. Officials note that the city recorded 25 motorcycle crashes in 2013. Of those, 23 ended in a motorcyclist being injured. One was killed.

The fatality count from motorcycle accidents in 2014 stands at two.

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