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California community debates proposals concerning pit bulls

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2013 | Dog Bites |

One California community is considering banning pit bulls.  Pit bulls are considered by at least one authority to be the most aggressive dog.  Unfortunately, certain breeds of dogs have been bred to fight.

Pit bulls reportedly killed 151 Americans between the years of 2005 and 2012 and accounted for approximately 60 percent of all deaths by dog attack.  While some owners have trained these animals properly, others have intentionally trained the animals to be even more aggressive.


Many such statistics have prompted at least one member of the Pasadena city council to propose the banning of pit bulls altogether.  Another measure before the council has been to require the sterilization of all dogs and cats in the city with the exception of registered breeders.

Whatever a particular reader may think concerning such a proposal, in California the dog owner still remains responsible for the behavior of their pets.  Personal injury and premises liability attorneys can hold the owners responsible for injuries that come about due to dog bites and dog attacks perpetrated by their animals.  Attorneys can measure the damages by looking at the costs of medical treatment and counseling.  Victims can also be compensated for pain and suffering as well as lost wages.

Certain pet owners may not take seriously the consequences that can result from a dog attack.  Dog bites can be extremely serious when involving the hands and face, and injuries can often result in the need of medical care and even surgery.  Injuries from dog bite cases can result in scarring and, especially for young children, a dog bite can be emotionally traumatic.

Source: The San Gabriel Valley Tribune, “Pasadena debates banning pit bulls; better to spay and neuter: Editorial,” Dec. 11, 2013



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