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Man killed in motorcycle accident during police pursuit

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents |

When police pursue drivers, a number of risks are involved. Police pursuits – particularly high-speed chases – often result in car accidents. In order to avoid dangerous collisions, police departments have a number of policies that they must follow when engaging in a pursuit.

On Saturday night, a motorcyclist who was being pursued by El Cajon police died in a resulting motorcycle accident. A news report by The San Diego Union-Tribune does not indicate whether this was a high-speed pursuit.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the motorcyclist crashed into a sedan on East Bradley Avenue near El Cajon.

He did not survive the crash.

Two people who were in the sedan suffered minor injuries.

It appears that the accident remains under investigation at this time. The exact cause of the accident is not clear.

When people are injured or killed in police pursuit-related car accidents, it is important for victims or their families to seek legal guidance. Determining who is responsible and/or liable after such a car accident can be a very complicated process. In some cases, police departments may be to blame for engaging in a reckless chase. In other cases, the subject of a police pursuit may be to blame for driving recklessly or driving drunk, among other possibilities.

In any event, in order for victims to obtain compensation for their medical expenses, and for the loved ones of victims who are killed to pursue wrongful death claims, it is important that an investigation unveils the facts of the car accident.

Source:, “Pursuit ends in fatal motorcycle crash near El Cajon,” Pauline Repard, Nov. 9, 2013



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