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3 pit bulls chase man in Imperial Beach

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2013 | Dog Bites |

Dog owners in California have a legal duty to keep their dogs from harming others. If they fail in this responsibility and others are injured, they can be sued for medical expenses and other costs related to dog bites. In some cases, dog owners may even face criminal charges.

Last month in Imperial Beach, a man was apparently carrying his small dog while he walked to his car when three pit bulls suddenly surrounded them. The pit bulls chased the man, but he was able to get away from them relatively unscathed.

Although the pit bulls fortunately did not bite the man, the man was bitten by his own dog due to all of the commotion. The man did not suffer any serious injuries as a result of that dog bite.

When police arrived on the scene, the owner of the pit bulls drove off in an attempt to flee. Police ultimately were able to stop him. He was arrested but it is unclear whether he will face criminal charges.

Dog owners should not run away from the responsibilities they take on when they decide to get a dog. Some of them do, however. Dog bites – especially from strong dogs, such as pit bulls – can result in pain, suffering, permanent scarring, disfigurement and even disability. Even fairly minor dog bites can lead to costly medical care. Those who have suffered from a dog bite in California, even it the attack occurred in the residence of the dog owner, should learn about their rights to obtain compensation.

Source: Imperial Beach Patch, “Pit Bulls Chase Man; Owner Arrested,” Khari Johnson, Oct. 16, 2013



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