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Motorcyclist survives fiery crash in San Diego

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents |

There may be nothing more frightening for a motorcyclist than the possibility of getting hit by another car on the road. Unfortunately, these types of accidents happen much too frequently in San Diego and all across California. Because of their smaller size, motorcycles can be a little bit more difficult to spot on the road and when drivers do not take the time to look out for a biker, they run the risk of crashing into one. 

A recent accident in San Diego highlights just how devastating these accidents between a car and a motorcycle can be.

The accident reportedly took place on Interstate 5 at about 9:10 in the morning when a motorcyclist was hit by a Chevy Camaro. The impact of the crash threw the biker from his motorcycle and moments later, both the bike and the car went up in flames. 

There were no reports that the Camaro driver suffered any injuries in the crash, but the motorcyclist had to be taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Luckily, emergency responders were able to extinguish the fire before anyone else was hurt.

When a car and a motorcycle collide, a biker can easily be thrown from his or her bike. This is why it is very often the motorcyclist who suffers the most significant injuries. These injuries can include serious abrasions, broken bones, paralysis, traumatic brain damage and even fatal injuries. Victims who do survive a motorcycle accident can be left with huge medical bills, lost wages and the need for ongoing care indefinitely. It is for these reasons that many accident victims in San Diego work with an attorney who can assist them in the process of pursuing compensation from a negligent driver.

Source: NBC San Diego, “Motorcycle Under Car Bursts Into Flames,” Andie Adams, Oct. 7, 2013



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