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Harley-Davidson recalls motorcycles due to dangerous clutch issue

| Oct 21, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents |

San Diego Harley-Davidson owners may be affected by a recent recall. The motorcycle company is recalling 2014 models of Touring motorcycles and Softail CVOs and Trikes because of potential problems with the hydraulic clutch system.

According to Harley-Davidson, some of its bikes may not slow down or come to a stop properly because of issues causing poor clutch disengagement. As a result, bikers may be prone to crash when they are unable to stop or slow down. This is a clear motorcycle accident risk.

A total of 29,000 motorcycles have been recalled, and Harley-Davidson is warning owners not to ride these motorcycles at all until they have been properly serviced. They should not even ride the bikes to dealers. Instead, anyone who owns an affected vehicle should call a dealer, which will then make arrangements to pick up, inspect and repair the bike. The repairs should be free to bike owners and they should not take very long, according to Harley-Davidson.

Defective vehicles can pose a major risk on California roadways, not only to the owner of the vehicles and their passengers, but also to anyone else in their paths. It is critical for owners of affected Harley-Davidson’s to have their motorcycles serviced as soon as possible.

It is unclear what led Harley-Davidson to discover that some of its motorcycles may have these clutch problems. If the issue has already caused collisions, victims may be able to obtain compensation for their injuries, as companies can often be held accountable for dangerous or defective products.

Source: The Business Journal, “Harley-Davidson recalls more than 29,000 ’14 motorcycles,” David Schuyler, Oct. 18, 2013



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