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California drivers, beware of driving when drowsy

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Most California drivers know that driving while fatigued is dangerous. Few drivers, however, recognize just how risky it is to get behind the wheel when they are drowsy. A recent study has found that tired drivers are as many as three times more likely to get into car accidents compared to their wide-awake counterparts.

The study involved people who are suspected of suffering from sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder that causes daytime fatigue. Its results have been published in the Journey of Sleep Medicine.

Drowsy driving is a major problem here in California, and those with sleep apnea are not the only people likely to drive at low-alert. Many people take prescription medications that cause drowsiness and grogginess. In fact, regulators recently asked drug manufacturers to cut the recommended dosages of certain sleeping medications in order to combat drowsy driving; a number of people take sleeping pills at night, and they do not realize that such medications may cause them to be drowsy well into their morning commutes.

Drowsy driving can cause serious car accidents, resulting in major or even fatal injuries. 

When fatigued driving is a factor in car accidents, negligent drivers can be held accountable for the injuries they cause.

It is important for San Diego drivers to commit to driving only when they are well-rested. Those with sleeping disorders, and those who consume medications that cause drowsiness, should ask their doctors whether it is safe to drive. Everyone else should avoid getting behind the wheel when fatigued.

Source: Car Connection, “Study: Drowsy Drivers Three Times More Likely To Have Auto Accidents,” Richard Read, Oct. 16, 2013



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