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Boat accident at San Diego reservoir injures two

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2013 | Boating Accidents |

Two people are in the hospital recovering from injuries they incurred in a boating accident at a California reservoir earlier this month. The specific nature of the victims’ injuries has not been widely reported, although they are described as “serious.”

The accident took place on a Sunday afternoon at El Capitan Reservoir, which is about 30 miles northeast of San Diego on the San Diego River. According to news reports, the incident occurred when a tube carrying four people was being pulled behind a boat on the reservoir. The boat reportedly drove too close to shore and ran aground of the rocky beach area, ultimately causing two of the tube riders to suffer serious injuries. It is not known whether the other two tubers were injured. 

If the boat accident victims can prove negligence on the part of any other parties – the person driving the boat, for example, or the local municipality for its failure to keep up the reservoir – they could potentially have a valid personal injury claim against one or more of those parties. If the victims incur significant medical bills as a result of the crash, a lawsuit could help them recoup some of those costs. It remains to be seen whether such a case will arise out of this accident.

Local police have not publicly stated whether alcohol or any other substances were a factor in the accident. If that is the case, criminal charges could potentially be filed against the boat driver or other parties.

Source: 10 News, “2 seriously injured in boating accident at El Capitan Reservoir,” Sept. 8, 2013



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