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Man pleads not guilty to manslaughter after California boat crash

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2013 | Boating Accidents |

A man who was accused of manslaughter after a tragic boat accident on Pyramid Lake last summer has recently pleaded not guilty to the criminal charges facing him, according to a news report.

The accident took place on July 1, 2012, when a 21-foot ski boat collided with a Waverunner watercraft on the lake in Los Angeles County, California. A 16-year-old, who was on the Waverunner, was killed in the crash. Another man was in critical condition after the boat accident.

The 29-year-old who was operating the Waverunner was charged with reckless and negligent operation and manslaughter during operation of a vessel, both misdemeanors, after the accident. As noted above, he has now pleaded not guilty.

Further details of this tragic boat accident were not included in a news story about this case. This case, nonetheless, is a reminder of the legal responsibility of boat operators. When operators of boats are negligent–when they are speeding, boating recklessly, or under the influence of alcohol, for example–the results can be tragic.

When careless, negligent actions cause boat or watercraft accidents, injured victims or the families of those killed in such accidents can hold boat operators accountable for personal injury or wrongful death. This allows victims or families to obtain compensation for medical or funeral expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and more.

Boaters in California need to take their responsibilities seriously. All too often , people fail to obey the rules of the water, and this leads to preventable injuries and fatalities. 

Source:, “Man pleads not guilty to manslaughter in boating accident,” Jim Holt, July 31, 2013



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