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Man arrested after crash that killed California teen model

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Disturbing details have come out regarding the deadly car accident that took the life of a young model in Poway, California, last month. The collision took place early in the morning on June 20 when a car ran a red light and struck a fire truck in an intersection.

The 19-year-old passenger in the car was killed. Thursday, the driver of that vehicle was arrested. Police suspect that he was driving under the influence at the time of the crash; it has also come out that the teenager was running away from home with the man, who is 44, at the time of the collision.

It has been concluded that the teenager was intoxicated at the time of the fatal car accident. Her blood alcohol limit was about three times the legal limit, according to investigators who also say that a broken bottle of alcohol was found in the car.

The driver is now facing criminal charges for vehicular manslaughter.

As more information comes out about this case, it may also turn out that the man will face a wrongful death action.

In some cases, the loved ones of the victims of fatal car accidents choose to hold the person who is responsible liable for the death with such an action.

Of course, absolutely no amount of financial compensation can even begin to make up for the sudden loss of a teenager. Wrongful death actions can, however, help ensure that families are not unnecessarily burdened by the financial effects of fatal accidents as well as allow survivors to seek justice to the fullest extent possible.

Source: NBC San Diego, “Man Arrested for Deadly Accident,” Sarah Grieco, Aug. 1, 2013



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