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Honda develops technology to curb pedestrian accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2013 | Car Accidents |

San Diego residents may have heard about some of the interesting technologies that are being developed by automakers in order to help people avoid collisions. In recent years, a number of automakers have been working on building autonomy into vehicles, by allowing them to communicate with each other and send warnings to drivers when a car accident is imminent. Some of these programs even allow the car to take over and drive itself at times – braking at the last minute or taking over the steering wheel when the driver is not responding to demands.

Honda is one company that is investing in such developments, and it recently presented a program that it hopes will curb car vs. pedestrian accidents. 

The technology involves computer chips that are embedded into motor vehicles as well as cellphones. This allows the cellphones of pedestrians and the motor vehicles to track each other’s locations. If the software detects that a crash could be forthcoming, it will warn the drivers or pedestrians.

For example,a car that is approaching an intersection will be able to pick up the signals of pedestrians that may be approaching. The software in the car will even be able to determine if the pedestrian is likely to be distracted, by detecting whether the pedestrian is talking on the cellphone or listening to music. If the pedestrian is continuing to walk into the instersection, a screen in the vehicle will warn the driver to brake. And, if the driver fails to brake, the car will automatically stop itself.

Many people are very excited about this technology, as car vs. pedestrian accidents often result in serious injuries or death. And, such accidents tend to be caused by distraction, and it seems that these warning systems might be able to break through to a distracted driver in order to prevent an accident. For now, it remains up to drivers to take the responsibility of driving very seriously. When drivers give into distractions, such as cellphones or simply daydreams, they often cause accidents. Negligent drivers can be held liable for the injuries that they cause, and those who have been injured in a car accident may benefit from seeking legal advice.

Source: Detroit Free Press, “Honda shows safety technology that links cars, motorcycles, pedestrians,” Alisa Priddle, Aug. 28, 2013



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