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California is number 1 in dog-bite claims

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2013 | Dog Bites |

The Fourth of July is almost here and that means many California residents will be heading over to the backyards of their friends and families for holiday celebrations. During such events, it is important for people to remember to be careful around any pets–and it is especially crucial to make sure children know how to behave around these animals.

Dog bite-related injuries can be very painful–and even severe–and most dog bite cases actually do involve people being bitten by dogs that are known to them.

It is always important to be careful around dogs, particulary during events where dogs might be around a lot of unfamiliar faces–such as Fourth of July barbeques. Such gatherings can stress out otherwise friendly dogs, leading to aggressive behavior.

When people are bitten by dogs, here in California it is typically possible to obtain compensation from the dog’s owner for any injuries. In most cases, dog owners are responsible under the law for any injuries their dogs cause.

These claims are typically paid out by the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance company. In fact, a recent list published by State Farm shows that California produced more dog bite claims than any other state last year.

In order to avoid dog bites in the first place, dog owners should keep their dogs leashed or fenced in. Dogs should also always be restrained around children.

Visitors should keep safe distances from dogs and always ask the dog’s owner before petting a dog.

Those who are harmed by someone else’s dog may benefit from seeking legal counsel regarding their right to pursue compensation for their injuries.

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