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Postal Service issues warnings about California dog bites

On Behalf of | May 20, 2013 | Dog Bites |

One city in California lead the nation last year in the number of dog bites suffered by United States Postal Service workers. Out of a nationwide total of 5,879 workers who were attacked by dogs last year, the city of Los Angeles, California was responsible for 69 of those injuries.

The Postal Service and the Centers for Disease Control are focusing on preventing these types of injuries through increased public awareness during Dog Bite Prevention Week. Dog bites can cause serious physical harm and can be a traumatic experience for dog bit victims and lead to hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance payouts each year because the injuries from dog bites can require extensive surgeries to repair.

Nationwide 4.7 million Americans suffer from injuries from dog bites every year. These injuries are often highly preventable with due care by owners not to allow dogs to wander off of their leashes and to train them properly not to be aggressive towards people.

Postal workers are often attacked by dogs who are roaming freely around a neighborhood or someone’s front yard, which makes it unsafe to deliver mail to the house or houses near where the dog is roaming. Homeowners who do not restrain their dogs risk having mail delivery to their home suspended, which means that they have to pick up their items at a local post office until the dog is under control. 

In California, owners have a duty not just to postal workers but also to the general public to make sure that their dog is under control and does not have the opportunity to attack any people or other pets. 


Source: USPS press release, “Postal Service Releases Top Dog Attack City Rankings,” May 15, 2013



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