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After a car accident, even minor pain should be checked out

On Behalf of | May 13, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Reality television star Kendra Wilkinson was hospitalized but sustained only minor injuries in a car accident in California recently. The television personality told fans that she was in shock and experiencing some soreness after being involved in the car accident. No one else was reported to have been injured and it is not clear what the causes of the accident were.

Ms. Wilkinson wisely sought out medical treatment at a local emergency room shortly after the accident where she underwent tests to determine that she did not sustain any serious injuries. Often when people are able to walk away from a car accident they decline medical treatment or delay seeing a doctor for tests because they don’t think the pain is serious enough to be a long-term injury.

However, injuries from a car accident such as whiplash can sometimes take days or weeks to manifest themselves, and while the main may start out minor it could worsen without appropriate care. In addition, it is important for any personal injury claims to clearly identify injuries that resulted from a particular incident so that insurance companies don’t try to deny coverage based on uncertainty.

In California, people who are injured in car accidents may be able to get compensation for hospital bills that result from an injury, as well as any property damage that occurs during the car accident. In some cases, California car accident victims can also seek compensation for the pain and suffering that they endured during the car accident.

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