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Software models could help California brain injury patients

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Researchers at the University of California are working on an exciting new software program that will help prevent complications for patients who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.

The software would help brain injury patients by predicting when their brain pressure would rise, which is one of the central sources of damage to the cells in the brain. The software is using data from patients that is collected in real time, which will hopefully lead doctors to better understand the precursors to complications and increased swelling for brain injury patients.

A spokesperson from IBM (which is collaborating on the project) said that this technology could transform the field and help integrate medical monitoring data into treatment for a range of conditions within the field of neuro-intensive care. One can also imagine the power of predictive modeling for other types of illnesses and injuries where serious complications can arise but where warning signs are difficult to detect.

For car accident victims and others who have suffered from a brain injury after an impact, there can be many ups and downs in the treatment process and for more severe injuries the path to recovery can be long.

Sometimes it may be difficult to know the extent of an injury right after it happens or to understand the long term impact of a brain injury. When assessing the overall financial impact of injuries from a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, it is important to consider the longer term and to make a realistic estimate of costs that will arise further down the road from things like physical therapy or time away from work.

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