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March 2013 Archives

Boat accident near San Diego causes one fatality

A boating accident led to one death earlier this month when a crew of sailors participating in a race down the California coast encountered high winds and big waves. The boat apparently lost its steering capabilities and sent out a distress signal before it drifted toward the nearby San Clemente Island. The sailboat broke apart when it entered the surf line, at which point the crew abandoned it.

Fatal car accidents remind drivers of risks for teens

California readers are already very familiar with the risks of texting and other cellphone use while driving. Particularly for teens, being distracted while behind the wheel can have serious consequences and can affect many lives. Recent car accidents around the country have reminded drivers and parents that it is not worth the risk to text from behind the wheel.

California car crash leaves model in neck brace

A California car accident left supermodel Miranda Kerr in a neck brace this week. Police arrested the driver of the other car and sources indicate that the driver may be charged with reckless driving. It is not clear what circumstances led up to the accident or if the driver who crashed into Kerr's vehicle was speeding, intoxicated, or otherwise violating the law. There are also no details available as to whether the others in the car with Kerr were injured.

Negligence lawsuit filed after stranded cruise ship ordeal

At least one passenger who was on board the stranded Carnival cruise ship Triumph has filed a negligence lawsuit against the company. The suit was filed in federal court the day after the passengers were finally able to get off of the ship, which was four days away from dry land when a fire disabled the engines. Another boat arrived to tow the massive cruise ship, but it took four days to get the passengers and crew to safety.

Self-driving cars face challenges in key safety areas

Many of our San Diego readers are already aware that self-driving cars are legal in the state of California. This state has been among the very first to allow the autonomous vehicles to drive on the public roads here, largely because of the presence of the technology industry here and the need to allow comprehensive testing in real traffic and road conditions.

Snowboarder knocked out of the sport by brain injury

Head injuries sustained by football players have received a significant amount of attention in recent months. However, athletes involved in other sports are also at risk of suffering serious head injuries. For instance, many snowboarders and skiers have suffered concussions or other head or brain injuries when performing tricks or during races.

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