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California woman accused of hindering dog bite investigation

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2012 | Dog Bites |

A California woman may soon be facing multiple criminal charges in connection with a dog bite inflicted by her animal during a charity event earlier this summer. The charges reportedly stem from her attempts to evade identification and to interfere with animal control’s investigation into the alleged attack.

According to police reports, the dog bite incident took place at a charity event in July when the woman’s dog bit a 5-year-old girl in the face. The girl was taken to the emergency room, but the extent of the girl’s injuries and her long-term prognosis are unknown.

Following the attack, the woman reportedly attempted to walk away from the event but was stopped by the girl’s father. At that time, however, she provided him with false contact information and a fake dog name and animal license number.

But the girl’s mother continued to search for the woman and the dog, locating photos of the woman at another charity event and asking the community for help in locating her. Ultimately, the woman was identified. When animal control went to her home, however, she continued to act evasive, presenting a different dog as the one that bit the girl and keeping the offending dog, who is believed to have a history of similar attacks, hidden.

All of those efforts to evade identification and prosecution now seem to have backfired. The woman is facing multiple criminal charges, including misdemeanor charges of interfering with animal control, failing to report an animal bite, failing to isolate or surrender a biting animal and concealing information about an animal to prevent quarantine. It is not known whether the district attorney will ultimately decide to charge her.

Source: The Santa Barbara Independent, “Alleged Dog Bite Denier Faces Prosecution,” Jack Crosbie, Sept. 5, 2012



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