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Post-accident auto repairs are expensive in California

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2012 | Car Accidents |

When a car accident takes place in San Diego, the first concern is whether anyone involved in the crash was injured, and rightly so. Car accident injuries can be traumatic and life-changing, and time is of the essence when assessing and treating the physical effects of a crash.

But many people fail to realize that there will be many residual issues and concerns once those initial, pressing needs are taken care of. People who are involved in a car accident may have to participate in a police interview or testify in court if the crash was the product of drunk driving or another criminal offense. There will be multiple conversations with car insurance companies as they work to determine the cause of the accident and how it will affect a driver’s future liability and coverage. And, perhaps most importantly, the vehicle involved in the accident will have to undergo repairs before it can be driven again.

Although medical bills and similar expenses generally make up a large part of the cost of a crash, it is important that the financial burden of auto repairs not be overlooked. And according to a new report from, a website that tracks car repair prices, California is one of the costliest states in the country for auto repairs.

Specifically, California ranked third on the list of costliest average auto repairs. Other states in the top five were Wyoming, in which drivers paid an average of $389 for fixes last year. Utah, Montana and Arizona also ranked near the top of the list.

At the low end of the list were Indiana, Maine, Wisconsin, Iowa and New Hampshire.

Source: USA Today, “What is the costliest state for auto repair?” Nick Foley, June 21, 2012



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