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California man faces felony dog bite charge after pit bull attack

| Jan 12, 2012 | Dog Bites |

A elderly California man is recovering from several deep leg wounds he suffered in an attack by a pit bull on his driveway. Now, the dog’s owner is facing felony dog bite charges for failing to keep his dangerous dog properly leashed on the afternoon of the attack.

According to police reports, the incident occurred last month in Santa Rosa, California. The 90-year-old victim was in his driveway with his own dog, a black lab, when the pit bull and his owner walked by the victim’s home. The pit bull managed to break from its leash and came running toward the victim and his dog.

The pit bull reportedly lunged for the black lab first, biting it several times in the rear. But when the victim struck the pit bull with its cane in an effort to get it off his dog, the pit bull turned on the man. The dog bit him several times in the leg before his owner was able to regain control of his dog and break up the attack.

But he was too late. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance to treat the lacerations to his leg, some of which were down to the bone. He was treated and released. His dog was also treated by a veterinarian. Both are expected to make full recoveries.

A police investigation into the incident revealed that the pit bull had a history of aggression. The dog’s owner, a 47-year-old former felon, is now again facing one felony count of allowing a vicious animal to be at large. He pleaded not guilty to the crime.

Source: The Press Democrat, “Santa Rosa man arrested after pit bull bites 89-year-old man,” Paul Payne, Dec. 14, 2011



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