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Boy fatally chokes on pushpin, family files wrongful death suit

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2012 | Wrongful Death |

No parent should have to deal with the premature death of their young child. Sometimes these unfortunate incidents are accidental; other times they are wrongfully inflicted upon the victim and their family. In any case, though, the victim’s family wants to know how and why their young one passed away so needlessly.

For the family of a 3-year-old boy who fatally choked on a pushpin at his preschool, the results of an investigation into their boy’s death will not provide relief. The California Department of Social Services found that the preschool the 3-year-old was attending violated three safety rules that contributed to the boy’s death. In light of the information, the family has filed a wrongful death suit.

The boy went to the bathroom at the school unattended and found the pushpin. According to investigators, the school violated care and supervisory rules, failed to keep supplies in a proper storage space and did not accommodate students with a safe environment. Worse still, the school had received prior – albeit more common – violations that indicate the school has a dangerous premises for children.

The careless and reckless situation the child was put in by the school is at the center of the family’s wrongful death lawsuit. This story may be a bit extreme and the consequences that the boy and his family have suffered are very sad.

However, it serves as a reminder that when someone loses their life due to the negligence of others, there are ways for the victim’s family members to achieve justice. A wrongful death suit can bring fair and just compensation to the surviving family. Though that will never fill the void left by a loved one, the financial restitution that could be awarded in a wrongful death suit can provide you with support during a very emotional time.

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