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Victim of pit bull attack speaks about her experience

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2011 | Dog Bites |

After a woman was severely attacked by a pit bull earlier this year, some feared she may not even survive the attack.

The near-fatal dog bite incident took place in late September when the woman was walking around a track in an athletic field close to her home. Dogs suddenly rushed onto the track and attacked the 62-year-old with such force and determination that she believed she was going to lose her life. Fortunately, she was able to reach her cell phone and dialed 911. The dogs fled before emergency responders arrived to take the woman to the hospital.

The cosmetic surgeon that treated her said he had never witnessed a dog bite or any other animal attack that had caused so much tissue damage to a human. Several weeks after the woman’s recovery, her scalp is still wounded. However, she was in a relatively healthy condition prior to the dog bite and has mostly recovered from the severe injuries she experienced during the incident. However, she will require further surgery to repair damage to her legs and her upper arms.

Her son said she was focusing on recovering from the injuries and that she was trying to forget the event. Neither the son nor his mother decided to comment on the dogs that had caused the injuries. The dogs were tracked down and killed by special tactics cops before they instigated another attack. The local police department said that it could not find any reason to charge the owner with a criminal offence.

Source: WPIX, “Pit Bull Attack Victim Recovers To Speak Of Her Injuries,” James Ford, Nov. 23, 2011



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