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Safety tips for new motorcycle riders, part one

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2011 | Motorcycle Accidents |

Many people who buy motorcycles do so after a lifetime of waiting and wanting to make that big purchase. As such, new motorcycle riders are often quick to get out on the road and ride, and many fail to take the necessary precautions that can protect them from accidents, injuries, or even death. Therefore, in the interest of helping to prevent California motorcycle accidents, we are going to share a few common safety tips for new riders.

  • Enroll in a motorcycle safety course: Even when you think you have had sufficient practice on quiet back roads, little can prepare you for your first ride on a busy highway or freeway. Taking the relatively minimal time and spending the few hundred dollars can teach you a lot about riding, traffic safety, the pertinent laws around motorcycling, and how to protect yourself from inattentive drivers. In addition, providing proof that you completed a motorcycle safety course can save you a decent sum of money on your insurance.
  • Stick within your limits: Only you know your experience and comfort levels, and it is up to you to ride within both. Trust your gut and continually assess your riding behaviors to ensure that you are riding safely and comfortably.
  • Read the road: With traffic hazards, road construction, and even natural roadside debris, there is a lot of potential danger on the roads. While driving over a problem surface, motorcyclists should use a steady, controlled throttle control and a firm but relaxed grip on the handlebars. Of course, avoiding the hazard altogether is probably the safest option.

We will offer additional motorcycle safety tips in a second blog post next week.

Source: Clutch and Chrome, “Ten things new riders do completely wrong”



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