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California boy in stable condition after dog bite

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2011 | Dog Bites |

There are many reasons that a dog will suddenly attack a person or another animal. Fear, uncertainty, abuse, or misguided attempts to protect an owner are all common causes of dog bites. It is difficult to determine who should be blamed in these sad situations: the dog, the owner, or the victim who may have provoked the animal? Were there any signs indicating that such an attack was possible or even likely?

What is known is that a dog bite is harmful, traumatic, and too often life-threatening. After being attacked by a pit bull, a California boy remained hospitalized for several days as medical personnel worked to heal the many bite injuries the boy suffered in the attack.

According to officers with the El Centro Police Department, the 12-year-old boy went to a neighbor’s house to retrieve a towel that had fallen over the fence between the two houses. After speaking to the neighbor, the boy was told to go into the home and retrieve the towel. He opened the sliding rear door of the house and had just begun to step inside when the dog attacked.

Police reports indicate that the dog bit the boy several times on the arms, legs and face. The neighbor attempted to pull the dog off the boy, with little success, until the neighbor’s husband ran over and punched the dog multiple times.

The boy was flown to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, where he was said to be in stable condition. His current condition is not known. The pit bull is currently being held in the local animal shelter, and its fate is also unknown.

Source: Imperial Valley Press, “Boy, 12, mauled by pit bull in stable condition,” Silvio J. Panta, 13 June 2011



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