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Two San Diego bike accident victims suffer serious head injuries

| May 23, 2011 | Car Accidents |

We all know that the roadways are not only for cars and trucks; especially in warm, tourist destinations like San Diego, larger vehicles must navigate around motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicyclists. When negligent or careless drivers fail to share the streets with these alternative forms of transportation a serious accident can occur.

This past Friday, two unrelated road accidents occurred throughout the San Diego area. Over the course of one day, both accidents sent the bicyclists to the hospital with significant head injuries and broken bones.

The first crash took place in San Carlos along Mission Gorge Road in the early hours of Friday morning. A 48-year-old California man was riding to work when a dump truck attempting to make a turn failed to see the oncoming bike. According to the victim’s family, the impact left the bicyclist with 15 broken ribs and damage to his head.

The other accident involved a San Diego high school student who potentially suffered from brake failure before crashing into a wall and a utility pole at the bottom of a hill near Mira Mesa Boulevard. A witness claims that the boy was unable to stop his bike once it began picking up speed because the brakes simply were not working. After the crash, emergency responders treated the high schooler for serious head injuries.

These two accidents demonstrate how dangerous the road can be for bikers. Bikers, like motorcyclists and pedestrians, do not have a car’s hard outer shell to protect them during a collision, so one negligent driver or a simple bike malfunction can cause serious damage. Commuters who are injured during an accident may be eligible to file for compensation.

Source: Sign On San Diego, “Two bicyclists injured in separate crashes.” Caroline Dipping and Pauline Repard, 20 May 2011



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