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National Safe Boating Week stresses the importance of water safety

On Behalf of | May 17, 2011 | Boating Accidents |

Every year the National Safe Boating Council and a variety of partners across the nation organize a week-long effort focused on reducing the number of boating accidents seen each year. This year, National Safe Boating Week will begin on May 21st and run through the 27th.

Of course, boating safety is important year round. However, since late May marks the beginning of the summer season safety advocates use National Safe Boating Week to remind people how to avoid preventable boating accidents and the serious injuries they can cause.

In many ways, San Diego’s popular water routes are similar to the area’s major roadways. Whether on the water or on the road, drivers have to obey certain safety rules created to keep everyone safe. Boat drivers who ignore caution buoys, fail to equip their vehicles with the proper lights for night driving or drive intoxicated could face serious consequences.

Just like on the road, reckless and careless boat drivers are a danger to both themselves and other boating enthusiasts. In order to protect yourself against another boat driver’s negligence, the organizers of National Safe Boating Week stress how important it is for everyone in a water vehicle to wear a life jacket.

Statistics show that around 500 victims drown on account of a boating accident each year. During 2009 drowning was by far the most common cause of death reported by the families of boating accident victims.

When a person is thrown into the water during a collision, they often don’t have time to prepare themselves or grab a flotation device. For this reason, boating safety advocates encourage people to always be prepared by wearing a life jacket at all times.

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