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Motorcycle accident severely injures San Diego police officer

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2011 | Motorcycle Accidents |

A San Diego police officer and father of two was badly injured in a traffic accident last week while riding his motorcycle to work. The 47-year-old officer, who has worked with the San Diego police force since the early 1990s, was broadsided by the driver of a 2000 Honda Civic at the intersection of Palo Alto Court and Borden Road.

The 27-year-old driver of the Honda Civic claimed that she did not notice the officer’s motorcycle as she moved through the intersection. Witnesses assert that the driver was noticeably upset as emergency responders rushed the injured officer to a local hospital. Doctors later diagnosed the motorcycle accident victim with a dislocated hip and fractured leg, in addition to head and neck injuries.

The Civic’s driver sustained only minor injuries, but received hospital treatment for lacerations on her face. Officers at the scene of the crime only cited the driver for lacking proof of insurance and gave no indication that she was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol that would have hindered her driving abilities.

Friends of the driver testified that the woman is very cautious behind the wheel and pointed to flaws in the intersection’s design as the true cause of the accident. Several of the neighborhood’s residents asserted their belief that the intersection where the accident occurred should be equipped with a stoplight, since it has been the site of a number of previous accidents.

A Lieutenant with the San Diego Police Department assured reporters that the department takes officer injuries very seriously. Hopefully, this unfortunate accident will spark an investigation into the safety of this troublesome intersection.

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