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Military and police officers work together to reduce accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2011 | Motorcycle Accidents |

For members of the armed services, facing down dangerous situations is a normal part of their everyday job. In the field, service members may be exposed to any number of threats, many of which could have fatal consequences. However, statistics from San Diego road traffic officers have revealed that the dangers facing service members do not disappear once they return home but merely change gears.

According to police officers, members of the armed forces living in San Diego have been involved in dozens of fatal crashes over the past several years. For instance, since 2008, more than 80 members of the Marines and Navy have died in motorcycle accidents. The problem is now drawing the attention of national US military leaders.

Representatives from the US military are working with San Diego police officers to build and strengthen a program aimed at helping recently returned service members steer clear of fatal car accidents.

Officers from the California Highway Patrol and other law enforcement officials have been offering a presentation on the dangerous of reckless driving to crowds at military bases for a couple years. Data shows that many of the road accidents involving service members were either caused by alcohol abuse or excessive speeding. During the presentation, police officers show service members graphic videos depicting the gruesome consequences of serious car accidents in the hopes of shocking them into quitting these bad habits.

According to military leaders, the strategy is working. The US Navy reports a 50 percent improvement in the number of drunk driving accidents since the presentation program began. Hopefully this statistic will continue to improve as the awareness program gains more support.

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