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Loose dog attacks mother and young son in San Diego thrift store

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2011 | Dog Bites |

California pet owners are legally responsible for the actions of their animals. Essentially, it is the owner’s civil duty to ensure that their pet does not pose a threat to anyone around them. If a domesticated animal does attack another person the medical consequences can be very serious, especially if the animal has not received the proper vaccinations. In addition to the physical injuries an animal attack victim may sustain, the emotional trauma of the attack can also leave long-lasting scars.

One San Diego mother and her one-year-old son discovered just how frightening an animal attack can be when they were charged by an unrestrained dog while thrift store shopping on El Cajon Boulevard. The dangerous animal wandered into the store from the street and proceeded to aggressively approach the baby boy. In order to protect her son, the mother pushed the boy out of harm’s way, leading the dog to bite her leg instead.

Later, the victim told investigators that the attack came out of nowhere. The San Diego mother claimed that once she realized the dog was planning to charge her son, her immediate reaction was to do whatever it took to protect the young boy.

When San Diego County Animal Control officers arrived at the store, they discovered that the aggressive dog had a history of dangerous behavior. After investigators located the animal’s owner, he admitted that a similar incident has happened before and that the dog has long shown a tendency to become hostile in certain situations.

Although the dog’s owner told reporters that he is planning to have the animal put down, he could still be held legally responsible for the injury caused by his uncontrolled pet.

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