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2-year-old DUI car accident victim spends birthday in hospital

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2011 | Car Accidents |

A young San Diego boy recently celebrated his second birthday. Unfortunately, his party had to take place in his hospital room, where the toddler has been fighting for months to recover from the damage he suffered during a drunk driving car accident last October.

The boy and his grandfather were both injured after a teenage driver struck their car. The young driver later failed to pass a blood alcohol test and was convicted of driving while intoxicated. The teenager is now serving a 480 day sentence in a corrections program for young people, while his two-year-old victim spends his days and nights in a local children’s hospital.

The drunk driving accident left this toddler with such critical injuries that, even after months of hospitalized treatment, he is still both paralyzed and blind. Nevertheless, according to an article from 10 News, the 2-year-old’s parents are attempting to remain positive about their son’s condition. The boy’s father described how happy his son appeared when his family members sang Happy Birthday to him last week.

Yet, this young car accident victim is not out of the woods yet. Doctors have not been able to take the boy off a ventilator since he recovered from a bout with pneumonia earlier in the year. Even though the accident occurred months ago, it does not seem as though the toddler will be released from the hospital anytime soon.

This tragic story is a potent reminder of just how serious the consequences can be when a motorist decides to drink and drive. Through his careless and reckless decision, one drunken teenage driver has changed this San Diego family’s life forever.

Source: 10 News, “Toddler Injured in DUI Crash Celebrates 2nd Birthday.” Izaiah Wallis, 17 April 2011



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